Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Install WhatsApp

Everyone knows how important it is to be in contact with people.It doesn’t matter if you are a university student and want to invite a big group of friends out for your birthday party or if you have a business and need to contact many providers to ask them for products for your business without spending a fortune on expensive SMS messages.
That is just a small part of what makes Whatsapp the most downloaded application in a lot of countries, with over half a billion users worldwide.

The free messaging that it offers makes it a must have application in every smartphone these days.It is a perfect application if you want to share pictures or videos with your friends, and you can even do group chats.
You might be surprised to learn that Whatsapp is completely free for the first year of unlimited messages, multimedia and voice calling, and after that it’s just $1 a year, a small price to pay for a fantastic, unlimited messaging service with no annoying advisements at all. In just a few years, the instant messenger application WhatsApp has become the worldwide leader for this type of app, being the most widely used messaging service in the world. It provides a simple and affordable way to keep in touch with even the most far away friends and family.
Whereas your cellular carrier might charge huge fees to make international calls or send messages internationally, if has the capability at all, WhatsApp allows you to do these things for free, with no limits on how many messages you can send.
This makes installing Whatsapp almost mandatory for anyone who is planning on traveling abroad, or anyone who has family, friends or business contacts scattered across the globe The way WhatsApp is able to send international messages and make international calls for free, is by sending them over an internet connection, instead of relying on traditional methods like SMS or mobile 2G, 3G or 4G data.

In this way, international calls are no different from calling someone in your city, so it’s the perfect tool to communicate with your family and friends at home while you are traveling overseas.

WhatsApp has many features in addition to basic instant messaging and voice calls, including the ability to send picture and video messages, audio files, do video chats, group chats and share you location with your friends. All of these services are included when you Install WhatsApp, which is totally free, and the first year of service is also free. After the first year, you get the same services with no limits of any kind, for just $0.99 each year, making it much cheaper than paying for international text messages or an unlimited 4G data plan. How you install whatsapp will depend on what kind of phone you have, since WhatsApp works on just about any platform. We’ll take you through the installation process one step at a time for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. It’s quick, easy and completely free to install.

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